Godzilla vs the Sea Monster

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Godzilla vs the Sea Monster

Directed by
Jun Fukuda

Screenplay by
Shinichi Sekizawa

Special Effects by
Eiji Tsubaraya

Music by
Masaru Sato


Akira Takarada – Yoshimura / “Mr. Safecracker”

Toru Watanabe – Ryota

Kumi Mizuno – Daiyo

Hideo Sunazuka – Nita

Chotaro Togano – Ichiro

Toru Ibuki – Yata

Akihiko Hirata – Red Bamboo Guard Commander

Jun Tazaki – Red Bamboo Leader

Max's Review

After his brother is lost in a shipping accident, a young man, Ryota, commandeers a yacht in order to find him, taking with him newfound friends Ichiro and Nita, and the boat’s supposed owner, the mysterious and possibly dangerous Yoshimura. During a storm, their boat is wrecked by an unknown monster, and they wash ashore on a strange island…
Overall, I feel this is one of the most underrated Godzilla films among fans. While it does have its drawbacks; -Godzilla doesn’t emerge until more than halfway through the film, and the monster fights are mostly short and one-sided- its carefree charm, likeable and entertaining human cast, and casual humour more than compensate for these faults. The special effects are average for the time the film was made, but very colourful and fun, and the music fits the light-hearted tone perfectly.
It may not be Gojira (1954), but it’s highly entertaining nonetheless, and a lively addition to the Godzilla saga.

Max’s verdict: 6/10