Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah

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Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah(1991)

Directed by
Kazuki Omori

Screenplay by
Kazuki Omori

Special Effects by
Koichi Kawakita

Music by
Akira Ifukube

Isao Toyohara – Terasawa
Anna Nakagawa – Emmy
Megumi Odaka – Miki Saegusa
Yoshio Tsuchiya – Yasuaki Shindo
Kenji Sahara – Prime Minister
Chuck Wilson – Wilson
Richard Berger – Gurenchiko
Godzilla – Kenpachiro Satsuma
King Ghidorah – Hurricane Ryu
Godzillasaurus – Wataru Fukuda

Max's Review

Two years after the events of Godzilla vs Biollante, a UFO appears in the skies above Tokyo, heralding the beginning of a new, even greater crisis for Japan. The title says the rest.
This is easily one of the most controversial of all Godzilla films, often labelled as either the best or worst of the 90s. Only Godzilla vs Hedorah, Godzilla: Final Wars and perhaps GMK are as hotly debated by fans.
It is also exceptionally hard to review. While it has quite a few obvious flaws, it also has too many highlights to be written off as ‘bad.’
The infamous time-travel plot is riddled with plot-holes and contradictions, and screws up the continuity of the Heisei series pretty badly. On top of this, the American actors –and their lines- will make you either laugh or cringe, and Godzilla himself doesn’t show up about halfway through the movie. The special effects are also occasionally sloppy, but what else is knew?
On the other hand, if the viewer can see passed these flaws, the film’s quirky charm, spectacular monster brawls, superb musical score and sheer entertainment value make for a very enjoyable movie experience.
To sum up, Godzilla vs King Ghidorah is a fascinating mixture of the brilliant, the trashy and the downright bizarre, and one Godzilla film that every fan should see.

Max’s verdict: 6/10

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